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Quincy Compressor's reputation for quality dates back to 1920. Since then, they have continued to refine and improve their product offerings. In 1937, they have released the QR-25 reciprocating/piston compressor, which remains an industry standard known for its reliable performance in demanding applications. They are one of the leading manufacturers of Rotary and Reciprocating Air Compressors globally.
Rotary Screw Compressors

A Rotary screw air compressor is a positive displacement compression system that includes a pair of matching helical screws. An oil-flooded rotary screw compressor includes a lubricant that fills the gap between the rotors, which creates an air-tight hydraulic seal and transfers mechanical energy between the two rotors. The air moves through the threads as the screws rotate, and the meshing screws force the air through the compressor.

  • 5-350 hp
  • Quiet & Reliable
  • 24-hour operation
  • Precision-crafted rotors
  • Premium Reliability
  • Superior Efficiency
Piston Compressors

A Reciprocating/Piston air compressor is a positive displacement compressor that \uses a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder to compress the air. A single-stage reciprocating piston compressor works by drawing the air into the cylinder where it is compressed in a single piston stroke of approximately 120 PSI and then sent to a storage tank. A two-stage compressor includes an additional step where the air is compressed by a second, smaller piston to a pressure of up to 175 PSI.
Quincy piston air compressors are well-suited for various applications such as oil refineries, gas processing plants, refrigeration and industrial plants, etc. with options that include pressure lubricated, splash lubricated, single stage and application-specific models.

  • 3-30 hp
  • Gas and electric
  • Over 90 years of proven quality
Air Treatment

Our inventory of air treatment products includes an assortment of refrigerated and desiccant dryers; air filtration products, including standard filters and high-pressure filters, mist eliminators and preferred elements; and condensate management units, including drains and condensate purifiers. Delivering a supply of clean, dry air to the point of use ensures high quality processes and finished products.

  • Refrigerated & Desiccant dryers
  • Filters
  • Coalescers
  • Drains
  • Mist eliminators
Oil-Free Compressors

Quincy oil-free compressors can provide the high-quality, contaminant-free air that is essential in critical environments. They’re also designed to comply with the ISO 8573.1 Class Zero standard while delivering superior performance and world-class efficiency.

  • 2-30 hp
  • High Efficiency IE3 motors
  • Low sound level
Genuine Compressor Parts, Accessories & Fluid

We offer a wide selection of genuine Quincy compressor parts and fluid products to keep your compressor up and running.

A Quincy air compressor is designed, engineered and built to provide many years of reliable service. The warranty programs, as well as round-the-clock technical support by Quincy distributors, will ensure customer satisfaction.


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